of the Opposition Bloc political party




Ukraine is going through hard times of difficult tests. Political conflicts doom us to economic decline, total poverty, threaten with a humanitarian disaster. What is happening today in the country is the choice of the authorities, not the people. Our society is passing an exam of maturity and ability to secure civil peace. People want peace, stability and renewal of Ukraine.



Ukraine needs peace. It is time for compromise, for overcoming internal disputes and starting a public dialogue about our future.

Our goals are:

• To develop and implement a National reconciliation plan which would include the creation of a platform for dialogue between representatives of local councils from all regions of Ukraine, the investigation of mass deaths of civilians during the events on Independence Square in Kyiv, in Odessa and in the Eastern Ukraine, and amnesty for people who have not committed any serious crimes. Tolerance and compromise are the necessary pre-conditions for a dialogue in the name of a peaceful future for Ukraine.

• To refuse radical decisions which undermine peace in Ukraine. To declare our state’s intention to preserve neutrality and non-bloc status.

• To renew talks with Russia with the intermediation of the EU, USA and other countries in order to create sustainable conditions for peace in the Eastern Ukraine. The remaining problematic issues should be taken out of the framework of the negotiations.

• To disarm all illegal militarized groups.

• To ensure the realization of constitutional rights for the citizens of Eastern Ukraine, internally displaced persons and citizens of Ukraine who live in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, to participate in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

• To ensure the strengthening of Ukraine's defense, modernization of the army, improvement of the social protection of the military and their families, law enforcement authorities, family members of killed and injured ATO participants. The program of army modernization will provide state orders for over 160 enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine.




Ukraine is tired of civil upheaval, economic experiments and political radicalism. The country needs a new social contract based on the principles of social justice, equality before the law, civil security, guarantees of rights and freedoms of man and citizen.

Our goals are:

• To start the process of constitutional changes. A full realization of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, regardless of the region of residence, religion, language, philosophy, ensuring a sustainable economic, social and political development of Ukraine is the main goal of reforming the Constitution.

• To decentralize the power. The citizens must obtain a right to elect by direct voting regional leaders and withdraw them. It is necessary to ensure the transition of functions, powers and finances to local communities, to create executive bodies of local councils by eliminating district state administrations.

• To approve the National Plan of revival for Donbass and appoint a Minister of peaceful settlement and renewal of Eastern Ukraine to coordinate its implementation. The inhabitants of the regions affected by the military actions need to see their future in a united Ukraine. The families who have lost their homes, whose members were killed or injured should receive full financial compensation from the state.

• To provide in the Criminal Code of Ukraine the responsibility for inciting inter-regional hostility. The residents of all regions of Ukraine must feel comfortable in a united country, regardless of political, religious, and ideological views.

• To prohibit the activities of all organizations which promote inter-ethnic and inter-regional enmity, call for violence as an instrument of political race and initiate the formation of illegal military units.

• To ensure a comprehensive development of Ukrainian as a state language. To provide opportunities for communities to determine the status of Russian and other languages ​​as regional languages ​​in places of compact residence of national minorities. To legislatively guarantee the development of regional languages ​​in the fields of justice, culture, education and administrative services.

• To stop a thoughtless dismissal of civil servants and persecution of political opponents under the motto of lustration. The fight against corruption should be carried out within the framework of law.

• To reform the law enforcement system and ensure its absolute accountability and control over society.

• To conduct judicial reform. We need to move on to the elections of the judiciary and expand judicial authorities.

• To develop and approve the Concept of Humanitarian Development "Unity in Diversity" in order to legally ensure the organizational principles of the spiritual development of each person.




Ukraine should become a country where people feel confident about their future, where a free dialogue is ensured, where opinions and political views are expressed without any fear; a country friendly to business, investment and entrepreneurship.

Our goals are:

• To stop the decline of economy. To conduct reforms which would help improve the investment climate, attract foreign investment, save and create new jobs.

• To ensure the indexation of wages and pensions in line with the inflation after crisis, and to return to a growth in real incomes.

• To curb inflation to the level of not more than 5%.

• Reduce the tax burden on small and medium enterprises and to introduce a moratorium on its revisions.

• Reduce the negative effects of the EU Association Agreement ratification through the State program of support for domestic producers.

• Move on to a prognosed monetary policy which would prevent sharp fluctuations of the exchange rate.

• Take practical steps to improve energy efficiency and energy independence of the state.

• Stop the reduction of public sector employees, especially teachers, scientists, doctors and ensure decent payment for their work.

• Establish credit and tax breaks for businesses in areas affected by the hostilities.

• Implement health insurance, ensure the right to receive free medical services to the poor and retired, raise standards of medical care.

• Improve social protection of young families by increasing the payments for maternity care and for the care of children under three years of age.

• Provide preferential loans for young families to purchase homes.

• Adopt a new Law of Ukraine "On providing young people who received higher or vocational education, with the first workplace" to end the practice of exploitation of young professionals through the use of unpaid trial period.

• Expand the network of after-school educational institutions - sports clubs, schools, stations for young technicians.

• Ensure implementation of civil and property rights for refugees, immigrants and citizens of Ukraine residing in Crimea.


Today we together must find a way to revive Ukraine. We must learn to listen to each other, to compromise, to rebuild the country together. It is necessary to reject politicking, humiliation, condemnation of those who have different opinions. Let’s give back to Ukraine its future, and to citizens - confidence for tomorrow!