11 steps to peace and development

To ensure peace in the country

1. A broad national dialogue and full implementation of the Minsk agreements. To find a sustainable compromise at the negotiating table. To create the Public Council of Donbass. To stop the policy of alienation of Ukrainian territories and to ensure reintegration of Donbass. To lift the blockade, to help the refugees to return home. To hold elections in all territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

2. To ensure territorial integrity of the country and prevent separatism on the basis of partnership between the state and territorial communities. To conduct a comprehensive reform of the Constitution for empowerment of local government.

3. To recover the “perimeter of sovereignty”. To achieve firm guarantees of the inviolability of borders of Ukraine by diplomatic way.

To restore order in the state

4. To restore confidence to the authorities. To hold extraordinary parliamentary elections. To form the coalition of peace and development. To form the “government of confidence”.

5. To establish the dictatorship of the law on the entire territory of Ukraine. To stop extremism, radicalism and crime in Ukraine. To stop political persecutions. To protect Ukrainian democracy from the threat of authoritarianism and militarization of society.

6. To overcome corruption. To eliminate the tender mafia in the country. To ensure the availability of administrative services, to protect the business from bureaucratic arbitrary. To conduct a reform of the judiciary, to make the Ukrainian courts independent from politicians.

To protect people from the crisis

7. To stop the impoverishment of the population. To index wages and pensions in line with inflation. To raise the subsistence minimum at least twice. To freeze tariffs and rates. To stop the uncontrolled rising of cost of living. To abolish the draconian pension reform, to ensure full funding of social benefits, pensions and allowances.

8. To perform commitments of the state for the people. To guarantee access to free health and education services for all citizens of Ukraine. To ensure energy security and energy efficiency. To ensure warmth in the homes of Ukrainian citizens.

9. To overcome unemployment. To return work for doctors, teachers and social workers. To ensure decent wages for those who care about people.

To restore the economy

10. To provide support to national producers. To restore export capacity. To remove political barriers for Ukrainian goods and services in foreign markets. To ensure state contracts and investments in the development of the national economy. To stimulate the creation of jobs. To reduce the single social contribution up to 25%, to cancel military duty, to impose a moratorium on unauthorized access for farmers and tax changes for small and medium businesses. To implement the state programme for the revival of the real sector of the national economy. To provide lower interest rates for Ukrainian producers. To ensure the stability of the hryvnia.

11. To conduct financial policy in the interests of the national economy and citizens. To review the agreement with the IMF. To solve the debt problem without compromising for future of the country. To restore the reputation of Ukraine as a reliable partner and an attractive country for investment.