Yuriy Pavlenko was reelected the head of the OPPOSITION BLOC of the Zhytomyr region
21 April 2017 13:04

In Zhytomyr V reporting and election conference of the Regional Organization of the Political Party “OPPOSITION BLOCK” was held in Zhytomyr region.

Speaking to single party members, opposition leader Yuriy Boyko praised the Zhytomyr regional party organization, calling it one of the most powerful in the country and one of the most influential in the Zhitomir region. In his speech, the politician noted that “it is certainly a merit of the chairman of the regional organization and each of you."”He noted that he intends to propose the candidacy of Yuriy Pavlenko for re-election for a new term.

According to the leader of the party, Yuriy Pavlenko is one of the most reliable and influential people in the OPPOSITION BLOC.

“He takes an active position on all issues. He is always close to those who find it difficult, repeatedly visited the ATO zone, and provides assistance to those who need it most. Yuriy Pavlenko did a lot to ensure that the Zhytomyr and Luhansk regions implemented a number of joint, including charitable projects. He is an active parliamentarian who professionally defends the interests of the Zhitomir communities in the Verkhovna Rada,” Yuriy Boyko, the head of the regional organization, described this.

The participants unanimously supported the re-election of Yuriy Pavlenko as the head of the Zhytomyr regional organization of the OPPOSITION BLOC.