Yuriy Pavlenko: The OPPOSITION BLOC will appeal the Presidential Decree on the blocking Internet resources in the Constitutional Court
19 May 2017 12:04

People’s deputies from the OPPOSITION BLOC prepared a submission to the Constitutional Court, which will appeal against the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 133/2017 on the blocking of certain Internet resources. This was stated by the MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Yuriy Pavlenko on the air of the program “The Right to Power”.

Pavlenko noted that the blocking of Internet sites, which is stipulated by Poroshenko’s Decree, contradicts Article 34 of the Constitution of Ukraine, violates the rights of citizens to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, which is expressly prohibited by the Basic Law.

“Sanctions, which the Verkhovna Rada introduced at the time, do not provide for the blocking of Internet resources. Thus, the President’s Decree violates the current legislation,” the parliamentarian explained.

According to Yuriy Pavlenko, the ban on Internet sites used by the majority of Ukrainian citizens undermines the prestige of Ukraine on the international arena, creating a dangerous precedent for censorship, and causing significant image losses.

The MP also said that the OPPOSITION BLOC will appeal the Presidential Decree on blocking Internet resources in the Constitutional Court.

“We have prepared a constitutional submission and we will appeal this Decree to the Constitutional Court. I know that many people are already turning to the Supreme Administrative Court, because their rights are directly violated,” the opposition leader said.