Yuriy Pavlenko: The main task of creating an effective network of OPPOSITION BLOC organizations in Zhytomyr is accomplished
21 April 2017 12:43

This was stated by the chairman of the Zhytomyr Regional Organization of the Opposition Block, People’s Deputy Yuriy Pavlenko speaking at the conference of the Regional Organization of the Political Party “OPPOSITION BLOC” in theZhytomyr region, which is taking place in Zhytomyr.

“In the next local elections of 2015, 116 deputies were elected to councils of all levels. This is a good result, which shows the growth of people’s trust in our political power. In local councils, 16 parliamentary factions and 10 deputy groups of the OPPOSITION BLOC have been created, which are now actively working in the councils, to whose opinions they are listened, whose position is respected,” Yuriy Pavlenko noted during the speech.

In the region, six public reception offices of Yuriy Pavlenko are open and active, where, in addition to the people's deputy, deputies of the regional, district and city councils are receiving and helping people and communities.

Yuriy Pavlenko also said that during the reporting period (2 years) he visited all the cities and districts of the region. It was during such visits that the most acute problems of the communities were studied: in particular, farms (Pulinsky district), gas supply to the rural population (Korostyshevsky district), closure of schools in Pulinsky and Romanovsky districts, contamination of the Homora river in Baranovsky district, reduction of medical personnel (Korosten ), Violation of the rights of citizens during decentralization (Romanovsky, Lyubarsky, Chernyakhovsky districts), the state of the medical industry, the problems of bus communication, the question of the need to return Chernobyl revenues (Olevsky, Ovruch, Korosten districts), which formed the basis for the proposals of the OPPOSITION BLOC in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Government for their solution. So, 21 requests have been prepared. They were announced from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada (taking into account the requests for which Yuriy Pavlenko was a co-author) and 30 appeals to the competent authorities.

“I believe that it is through direct communication with people on places, having a sincere desire to help solve problems for the masses and concrete people, that we are able to step by step to decide the provisions of our election program, form a positive image of the party and increase the number of its supporters,” Yuriy Pavlenko said , emphasizing that the main task of creating a clearly structured and efficient network of the OPPOSITION BLOC organizations in Zhytomyr is fulfilled. - The Regional Party Organization has 30 territorial party organizations. All of them are effective and are working to expand the network of party organizations to the level of polling stations,” the politician noted.

The conference continues its work. Participation in the party forum was adopted by MP, leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yuriy Boyko.

Participants in the party event plan to discuss a number of issues relating to party work, in particular, the election of the Chairman, members of the Political Council, the Chairman and members of the Party Control Committee of the Regional Party Organization, and the election of delegates to the VIII Congress of the Political Party “OPPOSITION BLOC”.

It is also proposed to discuss the party’s position on assessing the socio-political situation in Ukraine, ways out of the large-scale crisis in the society and launching mobilization work to prepare for the election of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and regular local elections.