Yuriy Boiko: Parliament should begin the week with consideration of changes in the budget
20 March 2017 12:52

The leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC Yuriy Boiko said this during the conciliation Council on Monday, March 20.

He noted that the efficiency of the Parliament, remains extremely low. The draft laws which people need are absent in the agenda.

“Of the five draft laws relating to 1.7 million immigrants - people who started their lives from scratch - this plenary week there are three ones, but the key draft law No. 4794 is not there,” Yuriy Boiko said.

He noted that the Parliament should begin the week with consideration of changes in the budget. “Today Parliament has no more important task than to change the budget, which created a lot of problems, especially our seniors. If, due to inflation, there are additional revenues to the budget in the amount of UAH 24 billion, then it is necessary to restore social justice, view it and give these funds to those people who need state support - pensioners and socially unprotected citizens,” the opposition leader said.

The MP reminded that the Verkhovna Rada during the previous plenary week took 7 laws, despite the fact that the agenda was announced their 76. “The effectiveness of Parliament is less than 10% of what was planned and approved at the Conciliation Council. This is a direct fault, primarily, of the Parliament’s leadership, because the organization of any institution is a matter of the head,” Yuriy Boiko said.

“Systematic work of the Parliament, the proposals of factions and the organization of teamwork - that is what is necessary in the current situation. This should be done taking into account the views of all factions, and not individual members of the former coalition,” Yuriy Boyko concluded.