In Teplodar with the support of the activist of the OPPOSITION BLOC Vladimir Larin in kindergarten there was opened a gym
20 March 2017 10:48

In a kindergarten №2 “Sun” of the city of Teplodar of the Odessa region there was held an event dedicated to the opening of the sports hall.

Honoured guests were: the activists of the OPPOSITION BLOC Vladimir Larin and Artem Larin, member of the city Council from the OPPOSITIONAL BLOC Vadim Lazarev and Deputy head Teploozersky territorial organization of the OPPOSITION BLOC Natalia Samochima.

To this solemn and important day for children and their parents Vladimir Larin made a gift - a gym area with a climbing wall, sports nets, mats, and benches.

Now thanks to this gym the children twice a week will have lessons in gymnastics. Parents and leaders of the pre-school educational institution presented the activist with a letter of credit and expressed great gratitude for their constant help and support.