Sergey Larin: Changes of electoral law 6 days before the elections are aimed at the falsification of results
18 October 2014 15:44

The Opposition Bloc is in strong opposition to amending of the electoral Law six days before the elections. This was stated by one of the Opposition Bloc leaders Sergey Larin.

"Authorities are trying to pass during the extraordinary parliamentary session, which will be held next Monday, changes to the electoral law. These changes are aimed at the legitimization of massive falsifications and manipulations on the voting day, which would lead to a distortion of real results of our citizens` will", - said Sergey Larin.

According to him, there is no democratic country in the world where electoral rules were changed in such a short period of time before the voting day.

"Attempts to change the rules of election campaign have always been the subject of harsh criticism from the international organizations, and now they are questioning a real desire of authorities to conduct fair and transparent elections", - he added.

Sergey Larin stressed that in the history of Ukraine the electoral Law has never been changed in a week before the day of elections.

"Any changes adopted to the electoral Law will lead us to chaos on the day of elections and will create conditions for successful falsifications. Already the way of adoption of this Law is a secret for Ukrainian society and it should become a subject of suspicion of our civil society, international observers and other participants of electoral process", - said Sergey Larin.

The Opposition Bloc requires from the President to concentrate all efforts of the government on ensuring the rights of participants in electoral process, the creation of conditions for fair and transparent competition. To ensure that the elections will be held and recognized by observers, the power by means of the force of Security Service and the Ministry of Defence should ensure the protection of polling stations on the day of elections and during the counting of votes. Then in such a way our country will get a parliament which reflects the real mood of society and real views of all Ukrainian citizens", - said Sergey Larin.

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