To stop the policy of splitting the country and infringing the rights of citizens
18 March 2017 09:00

The statement of the OPPOSITION BLOC

The OPPOSITION BLOC expresses its protest against the policy of discrimination and suppression of rights of citizens, which the government hold. Attempts at gross interference in the social and humanitarian processes are a direct violation of constitutional social and cultural rights.

Today for all Ukrainian citizens, it is obvious that using radical nationalist solutions, the government is trying to cover up the failures in the political, economic and social spheres. Trying to hide the failure to stop the war, to divert people’s attention from the collapse of the economy and justify poverty. But contrary to the hopes such steps become a contrasting background on which the incompetence, corruption and failure of the ruling circles look even more clearly. Even the cultural policy of the government turns into a tool for more corruption fees.

By its decisions, the party of war in power provokes new schisms and conflicts. It itself becomes a source of separatism.

This was the result of a merger of the interests of the coalition and aggressive nationalist forces. Despite half-hearted attempts by the authorities to dissociate themselves from the nationalists, they are moving the same agenda, dictated by utopian and inhuman doctrines.

New splits of Ukrainian society are unacceptable. We demand from the authorities:

- to abandon the “blockades”, “prohibitions” and prosecutions, as a method of solving political problems;

- to recognize the millions of Ukrainian citizens of their natural, cultural and social rights, the right to a different political position;

- to begin a national dialogue that will be based on the unconditional observance of the norms of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Historical experience strongly suggests that cultural and political segregation has always been the reason for the decline of states. They never allowed to unite the citizens around the objectives of national development, to build a prosperous economy, achieving high cultural and scientific results.

Weak, divided societies have always been the object of external expansion. Eventually they found themselves facing the threat of loss of statehood and historical perspective.

Creating artificial ethnic, cultural and regional “ghetto”, the authorities are blocking the creative potential of the multinational Ukrainian people. We urge the authorities to stop the suppression of the Russian culture and cultures of the peoples who are a part of Ukrainian and world heritage. Today it is necessary to tackle the total lack of culture. To direct public investment in the development of the multinational Ukrainian culture and art. To stop cutting budget funds to education and science.

We appeal to local councils urging them to support the position of the OPPOSITION BLOC, to indicate the power on the inadmissibility of violation of the rights of citizens. The government should know how society actually treats its actions.

We encourage the public to speak out in favor of peace in Ukraine and unity of the Ukrainian people and protection of the rights of its citizens.

Peace is the right to live.

Native language is the right to think and speak.

Constitution is the right to be together.