The OPPOSITION BLOC will return citizens all the rights selected by the power
19 May 2017 18:17

Statement of the OPPOSITION BLOC

Three years of the current government is a period of prohibitions and restrictions. After the elections, the OPPOSITION BLOC will abolish all anti-democratic and human rights violations that were introduced during this period. First of all, we will abolish the economic and social blockade of Donbass. We will return citizens the right to receive information by lifting the ban on social networks and Russian-language books. Our party will abolish all the language quotas on radio and television, will return the cult Soviet films and serials. We will abolish decommunization, through which the current authorities try to rewrite history. Each region will decide for itself, which names of cities and streets should be and what monuments should stand in these cities. In addition, our party will abolish unconstitutional lustration, because of which tens of thousands of professional civil servants were thrown out onto the street.

The OPPOSITION BLOC will cancel:

  1. The prohibition of access to social networks “Vkontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”;
  2. Prohibition of the manufacture and propaganda of the St. George (Guards) ribbon;
  3. The blockade of Donbass;
  4. Prohibitions on films and serials introduced by the current authorities (list of 545 films and serials published by the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting);
  5. Prohibition of Russian-language books;
  6. Law on Ukrainian-language quotas for spoken and musical broadcasting on television and radio;
  7. Prohibition to use the Banner of Victory during the celebration on May 9;
  8. Prohibition in Ukraine of cult Soviet movies “The irony of fate, or With a light steam!”, “The Caucasian captive”, “Midshipmen, forward!”, “Big change” and many others;
  9. Decommunization;
  10. Lustration.

Ukraine will again become a democratic legal state, comfortable for its citizens.