Elena Kolesnikova: Arranging provocations since May 9, blocking social networks and anti-church laws, the authorities divert people from real problems in the economy, from poverty and unemployment
19 May 2017 10:07

Commenting on the latest developments in our country, the Minister of Education, Culture, Science, Family and Youth of the Opposition Government, Elena Kolesnikova, stressed that society expects from the government creative initiatives that will unite the country and improve people’s lives.

“If you cannot give people bread - give them shows” - this is the principle of the current government. Hence all the scandals over the past three years. Provocations for May 9, the blocking of social networks, anti-church bills - is no exception. Against the backdrop of this information noise, problems in the economy, corruption in power, poverty and unemployment, unfortunately remain inconsistencies” Elena Kolesnikova said.

She noted that every day people face a huge number of problems, to which the authorities do not care.

“No one says that in Ukraine about 300 schools and more than 100 vocational schools are already closed. The fact that hundreds of teachers were left without work, and thousands of students - without scholarships. About the fact that free meals for schoolchildren and vocational school, students from among orphans and poor families have been canceled. I’m not even talking about the fact that tens of thousands of leading scientists left the country, that while the world is mastering new technologies and launching satellites that give Wi-Fi to airplanes, Ukraine destroys science and closes entire scientific institutions,” Elena Kolesnikova said.

The opposition minister stressed that the current government is extremely careless about education and science, behind which stands a progressive future.

“By stalling reforms, cutting back funding and making our children less educated, the power deprives the future of every Ukrainian and our whole country. I sincerely hope that the authorities will come to their senses and stop splitting society, and the pro-government majority in the Verkhovna Rada will pass draft laws to increase the funding of science and education to the ballot,” Elena Kolesnikova said.