Oleksandr Vilkul: Statement of Skripka on the creation of the ghetto on the language principle shows that “Nazism-light” does not happen
20 April 2017 19:14

Co-chairman of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction in the parliament, Oleksandr Vilkul, sharply criticized the statement of musician Oleg Skripka, who suggested creating a ghetto for those who do not speak Ukrainian.

On his Facebook page, Oleksandr Vilkul wrote: “It is confirmed that “Nazism-light” does not happen. I am shocked by the fascist statement of Skripka.

I admit that I liked many of his songs. He came to my festivals “Best City”, “Turboflay”, in everyday life he spoke Russian without accent.

Transformation of nationalist ideology in Ukraine:

First - talk about peace, friendship, cud.

Then – “promise anything, and to hang these creatures we will later.”

Next - the proposal to create a ghetto and the declaration of half of the country inferior morons.

If they are not stopped, I think they can really try to realize their ideas in practice.

Just read the statement of the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee - the genetic memory worked.

And have we, the Ukrainians, forgotten the end of the Goebbels’ theory of subhumans?”