Oleksandr Vilkul held a working group meeting with the students of the Ukrainian universities for the development of legislation to support youth
20 March 2017 14:09

The youth appealed to the MP to develop a package of bills aimed at employment of graduates, the provision of housing under the state programs of youth lending, and support start-UPS and business initiatives by young people.

“Young people in Ukraine don’t understand how to get the job, there are no real working government programs, under which it would be possible to buy a home at the right price, there is no support for young families – the problems with the gardens, destroyed health care. We’re forced to leave the country. Now almost all my friends dream to go abroad. For example, in the Czech Republic the training is free, it is only necessary to know the language. The wages there are substantially higher, laborer in the EU receives more than our academician, not to mention the graduates of the University. But we want to live and work in Ukraine, so we turned to you for support,” the President of the Student Council of the pedagogical University of Krivoy Rog Eva Lyashenko said.

Co-Chairman of the OPPOSITION BLOC faction in the Parliament Olexander Vilkul at a meeting with students of Ukrainian universities discussed the main directions of the development of a package of draft laws in support of the youth. Vilkul said: “By combining the efforts of youth and deputies who really want to development, we will prepare a package of draft laws. You are the specific future of the country, and we must do everything to support you”.

The participants of the meeting shared their vision to improve the labour legislation, education and the creation of new jobs, and outlined steps for further cooperation.

Student 4-year student of the Odessa legal Academy Dmitry Kovalenko said: “Many of my friends faced problems in finding employment and are forced to go to services. So I really liked the idea of the draft law of Oleksandr Vilkul on employment – to create conditions and young people will not think about moving abroad, and will be able to stay here and work on the development of Ukraine. In the future we plan to work closely with Alexander Vilkul in the plan of legislative work.”

Students invited to hold round tables with the youth organizations to discuss draft laws to be introduced in Parliament.

Eva Lyashenko announced proposals for the improvement of the law, in particular, on higher education: “I came with the idea of improving education. I also have suggestions for issues of social protection of population, support of single mothers, children with disabilities, children-orphans.”

Youth representatives believe that the collaboration with Alexander Vilkul will be a chance for all concerned to contribute to the reform of the state.

“We have set a goal: we arrive in Krivoy Rog, collect students, begin to work with them. All of our developments we will provide Olexander Vilkul. I think we’ll get a good result,” Igor Marakhovsky, Deputy head of the Youth Executive Committee of Krivoy Rog said.