Oleksandr Vilkul: Pavlograd will join the Assembly of European Regions
19 May 2017 11:53

Oleksandr Vilkul held a working meeting with the President of the Assembly of European Regions (AER), Ms. Hande Bazatli. AER is the oldest non-governmental regional network that unites more than 200 regions across Europe. Interregional AER activities served as the basis for the establishment of the Committee of Regions of the European Commission.

On his Facebook page, Vilkul wrote: “We are doing real business for Ukraine. As representative of the Assembly of European Regions in Ukraine, he reached an agreement with the President of the organization Khande Bazatli that Pavlograd would join the large family of AER. This is access to the best practices of European governance and direct contacts with the leadership of two hundred European regions.

And this autumn, the educational program “Euro-disis” will be launched. Young employees of city councils will have the opportunity to have a six-month internship in the municipalities of the AER member regions.”

Hande Bazatli noted the important role of Oleksandr Vilkul in strengthening direct contacts between the Ukrainian regions and the AER.

“We highly appreciate the pragmatic approach of Mr. Vilkul to the development of interregional relations between Ukraine and Europe. This fall we plan to hold a series of events to share the experience of the leadership of the AER member regions from the EU and Ukraine on issues of regional governance and decentralization, which is very relevant for your country,” she said.

On the eve, Oleksandr Vilkul held in Strasbourg a series of meetings with the leadership of the European Parliament (EP), which discussed the current issues of Ukraine-EU relations, as well as prospects for interregional cooperation between Europe and Ukrainian regions.

In particular, Vilkul met with two vice-presidents of the European Parliament - Rainer Wiland and John Mircea Paschka, as well as member of the International Affairs Committee Michael Galer and the head of the Human Rights Committee Piero Antonio Panzeri.

In March 2017, the Executive Committee of the Assembly of European Regions in London decided to appoint Alexander Vilkul as the official representative of the organization in Ukraine.