Oleksandr Puzanov: The current “power of Sharikovy and Shvonder” divides us into “patriots” and those “do not jump”
20 March 2017 12:22

“Consolidation of society and prevention of division of the country on any grounds – ethnic, cultural, linguistic – the key to preserve the unity and ensure the stable development of the state. This is the main task of the authorities – the leader of the Kiev OPPOSITION BLOC Oleksandr Puzanov says in his column for “Ukrainian news”.

The politician believes that the current government does not only perform this task but on the contrary, divides people. “Over the past three years this government has done everything possible to split the people, to sow fear and hatred in the hearts of the citizens of Ukraine, such unified and peaceful, just a few years ago. The current “power Sharikovy and Shvonder” brutally and cynically divides us into “patriots” and those “do not jump”. It encourages pogroms and violence against everyone who is not such it needs, deliberately infects society with the virus of hatred. We are divided into those who stood on Maidan and those who were not, authorities cultivate the idea of “no genetics” in the Eastern regions of Ukraine, forbid old movies and rename the Museum of Russian art in Kiev, cancel the Victory Day,” the oppositionist said.

Oleksandr Puzanov stressed that the transport blockade had become step to the actual territorial division of the country. “The authorities are aware that the legalized transport blockade of temporarily uncontrolled territories means an actual refusal to return the Donbass and resolve the conflict peacefully in the foreseeable future”, the politician said.

He noted that war, destruction and enslavement of society best of the current government, as it allowed her to set the actual dictatorship with all necessary attributes: censorship, criminal cases for the opposition, monopolisation of the right to political activity the right of each dissenting accusations of treason and the Kremlin.

“Every day, while the government breaks the thread that unites East and West of Ukraine, burns bridges, provides a link between generations, drives a wedge between speaking different languages, provokes a split in society on the basis of the history, life of our country will fade. The duty of every citizen of Ukraine – to prevent it, to deny this government any support, not to believe the words of false leaders, to drive them in the neck, to oppose the war and the destruction that will bring this government, to vote in elections for peace and development,” Oleksandr Puzanov writes.