Borys Kolesnikov: In autumn, the opposition government will put on the table the acting Cabinet a “recipe” for an exit from the economic crisis
19 May 2017 19:03

This was stated by the Co-Chairman of the OPPOSITION BLOC, Prime Minister of the Opposition Government Borys Kolesnikov during his working trip to Uman.

The politician in particular visited the Uman greenhouse complex. According to him, today even successful enterprises have one problem - the absence of medium-term and long-term loans.

“There is no compensation for interest on loans and there is no partial compensation for the value of fixed assets. Although in 2010-11 there was a program that allowed 50% of investments to be returned,” Borys Kolesnikov reminded.

The opposition prime minister cited as an example the payback period of the greenhouse, which has always been about 12 years, and today - up to 16 years.

“All members of the European Union give their producers credit support for 10 years or more. Can our state give such loans? After all, if we want to compete in the world, we must create world rules for our producers. It is very important. It is also necessary to look for and create sales markets. After all, the more markets there are, the more domestic products will be sold,” Borys Kolesnikov stressed.

According to him, the opposition government plans to visit all sectors of the economy with working trips to develop an effective plan for overcoming the crisis.

“We with colleagues in the Opposition government will visit all sectors of the Ukrainian economy and in autumn we will put on the table of the acting Ukrainian government a “recipe” for getting out of the crisis. The Cabinet will either have to take it, or look for a new job,” Borys Kolesnikov stressed.