Anatoliy Miroshnichenko was reelected as chairman of the OPPOSITION BLOC of the Chernihiv region
19 May 2017 20:35

On Friday, May 19, with the unanimous decision the delegates of the fifth conference of the Regional Organization of the OPPOSITION BLOC re-elected Anatoliy Miroshnichenko, the deputy of the regional council, as chairman of the party cell of the Chernihiv region.

Anatoliy Miroshnichenko thanked all for his confidence and assured that the work that is being conducted in the organizational and party direction will continue.

“In these two years we have gone a long way. Party cells have been set up and registered in all districts of the region and in towns of regional significance. We jointly obtained results in local elections, creating factions in the regional council, Chernihiv, Priluki, Nezhin, as well as in most districts of the region. This is a painstaking work that is done every day and I am grateful to everyone who is currently ready to go this complicated way,” the chairman of the party organization said.

He also added that he understands the conditions under which party members must work and what kind of pressure each of them must experience.

“Attacks on activists of the party in the framework of the All-Ukrainian action We Fight Together! Together - We Will Win!” proved that today in Ukraine there are problems with the ability to freely express their point of view. However, the number of collected signatures under the requirements of the OPPOSITION BLOC, which is more than 12 thousand, proved that we have support among people and it is growing. After all, people want simple things - a decent standard of living and work, preserving their own history, and most importantly - peace and unity,” Anatoliy Miroshnichenko stressed.

Members of the Political Council of the regional organization were also re-elected at the conference, the powers of the Party Control Committee were extended and delegates for the VIII All-Ukrainian Congress of the OPPOSITION BLOC in Kiev were elected.