Activists of the OPPOSITION BLOC in the Donetsk region on the eve of Victory Day put in order monuments, obelisks and burial places for soldiers
21 April 2017 11:57

On the eve of Victory Day, representatives of the territorial organizations of the OPPOSITION BLOC in the Donetsk region put in order monuments, places of burial of soldiers, obelisks.

On April 20, the deputies of the Mangushsky District Council from the OPPOSITION BLOC held a clean day at the monument to the artillerymen of two batteries of the 968th artillery regiment of the 395th Infantry Division of the Southern Front, who died on October 8, On the territory of the monument were planted thai, boxwood and juniper, cleaned the trash, washed the stele.

Recall that the monument was installed in September 2016, on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the tragic events that occurred in the area of the town of Mangush. This became possible thanks to the support of the people’s deputies from the OPPOSITION BLOC Alexey Bely and Vladimir Gusak, as well as the deputies of the Mariupol city and Mangushsky district councils from the OPPOSITION BLOC.